Dealer Services

Prestige Car Finance supports a growing number of new and used dealers throughout the UK, helping them achieve higher levels of finance penetration.

We have funding solutions for most Cars, Commercial, Classics, Motorbike, LHD, Imports, Motorhome, Caravan, Minibus, Taxi and Horsebox/Horse Trailer finance.

Prestige Car Finance provides a unique solution through our Business Manager Service.

We provide your team with the expert support of an independent, and highly experienced finance individual who will work with you throughout the entire sales process, from conception to payout.

There are two alternatives for supporting your business:

  • We can work with your team in your showroom, providing finance product advice and quotations or
  • We can communicate with your customer directly, leaving your advisors free to focus on sales.

In addition, we are now able to supply dealers with our new Prestige Car Finance Online System FOC.

This is a bespoke finance quoting system which quotes three different finance alternatives for each vehicle inputted into the system. These quotes can be printed or emailed to the customer, and if the quote is accepted by the customer on site, the application can be processed directly in house.

Prestige Car Finance are:

  • Successful - well established, with a growing prestige dealer network
  • Independent - access to exceptional finance resources
  • Flexible - balloon finance at the end of the term on vehicles up to 10 years old
  • Attractive - our larger balloons mean lower monthly payments: giving customers greater choice
  • Informed - for business or personal vehicle finance, our advisors understand the issues that matter most
  • Professional - our Business Managers are highly skilled and experienced in their field

What next?

When buying a car, customers are looking to your team to provide them with expert advice. By utilising our Business Manager Service, we guarantee the best financial advice, which ultimately helps you sell more product.

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