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Buying a Classic Car is for many the achievement of a life-long dream, however, increasingly the ownership of a Classic Car is seen as an enjoyable investment. This is especially true in view of current low interest rates, bond yields and considerable market turbulence.

Recent auction and trade sale results confirm that the mid to higher end of the market is now being targeted by individuals and investment trusts as part of structured investment portfolios.

Prestige Car Finance have been able to fund Classic Cars for a number of years, but in the last 12 months this is becoming one of the fastest areas of growth for our business.

Typically, the cars we fund will be valued in the £75k-£1 million price range, and be of extremely good providence and the clients being high net worth individuals, or established dealers looking to arrange finance for their clients. We also deal with well known dealers in Europe, as well as leading Auction Houses in the UK and overseas.

It is important to understand that funding such classic cars is quite different to the funding of a standard vehicle. The specialist private banks and institutional lenders we use ask for a very considerable amount of information and background history on the vehicle with independent valuations increasingly being the norm.

In addition a full background check of the individual looking to finance the vehicle is required. However, if you feel that both of these criteria are not an issue then you maybe pleasantly surprised at the rates we are able to offer. If you are looking to purchase a Classic Car, with a minimum lend of £25k, or require any further information please contact us, or alternatively visit our Classic Car Finance division.

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