About Prestige Car Finance

Prestige Car Finance has been helping customers achieve the cars they desire since 2002. The founder, Charles McLeod, already had a successful business with Currencies4Less (yearly turnover in excess of £350 million), but wanted to bring the same level of competition to the Prestige car market.

"It sounds strange but just as the UK retail banks continue to have a virtual monopoly on our personal finances so do the prestige motor dealers, who force their own financing schemes on buyers without offering any choice... or even suggesting there is any!" Charles says, adding, "I was one of those unfortunate customers once, and I paid the price quite literally."

In the beginning, Prestige Car Finance focussed on helping customers finance imported cars. It soon became clear that the service was in high demand, and this fast success meant that PCF could soon offer the same level of service to all car buyers in the UK, whether private or corporate.

It is the nature and quality of the personal service that sets Prestige Car Finance ahead of other companies in this field. By only employing Business Managers who have years of experience in car finance, our customers can be certain that they are getting the best advice for this complicated financial market. Our managers take into account the individual circumstances of every purchaser in order to select the most appropriate product.

This level of assistance means that we offer a true alternative to the uncompetitive finance offerings of the dealerships. Our continued success and growing reputation is a testament to the financially rewarding experience our many customers have enjoyed. We hope you will consider joining them.